The Parabibles

Parables and The Bible... See what i did there?

Posted on June 03, 2017

Sometimes it is hard to describe succinctly you approach to scripture. Perhaps it is too unique and precious to deserve being explained anyway. So I wondered whether parables might help to get a few ideas across. Maybe not.


For what can I compare the bible to? It is like a stained glass window constructed out of broken glass bottles and plastic bags, held together with tape and string. It is a wonder that it stays together and that it actually works. And yet it does; when the light shines through it is truly beautiful. Admittedly some of the cheap materials let the light through only partially. But, in a way, that only serves to provide relief and define the shape and inescapable beauty of the image it portrays.


The bible is like a rich man who commissioned a hundred artists to create a portrait of his son. Each were given certain portions to paint: some to paint his feet, others to paint his hands and face. Some of the artists set to work to produce the most lifelike and realistic impressions of their subject. Whilst the work of others revealed more about the artist than the subject. When assembled together the finished pieces, despite being jarringly different from one another, produced the most distinctive, beautiful and unmistakable portrait of the rich man's son. 


The bible is like a man who inherits his father's belongings in a jumble of cardboard boxes. Although some are immediately meaningful or useful, there are other items that don't seem much good for anything. He already has kitchen utensils and a dozen picture frames and he doesn't need a dog's lead. But, whether it stays in the box or not, every item is a treasure because it reminds him of his father. And sooner or later he'll probably buy a dog.