Why write?

Posted on September 21, 2015


I am writing because it helps me think. And also because I have been helped by other people's writing. Like for example this Augustine quote that I have lifted from someone elses blog:

I try to be one of those who write by making progress and make progress by writing


Had it not been for both Augustine and this blogpost, then I would not have seen those words. I hope I might be of some help in a similar way.

The intention is to write primarily about Theology, Church History and the Bible in order to clarify my thoughts on these subjects and to present them to the world as something accessible, and helpful. You'll no doubt get everything from short random rants to lengthy sermon excerpts. But I promise you: no life stories!


A Christian and, increasingly so, a Baptist. This has less to do with an increasing acceptance of Baptist principles but more a growing conviction that nailing particular colours to a particular mast is a good thing to do. (I may write about this at some point!)

A Printer,Graphic Designer and film watcher living in Shetland, who grew up in the North East of England.