Bad sermons make the best sermons

If you didn't have to preach from the Bible...

Posted on January 15, 2016

Every time I hear a sermon that is based more on personal anecdotes and wisdom gained from the university of life I think to myself "well if you don't feel you have to preach from the bible, then why can't I preach from other stuff too"

A Star Wars sermon

The 'Force' of God's Spirit "surrounds us and penetrates us... and binds the galaxy together" So we need to learn to harness it's power. Some times we need to switch off our 'targeting computer' in life and trust in God's Word whispering in your ear (who will probably sound a bit like Alec Guinness). And whilst the world might say that "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side" we have to believe that "even the ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force" (or the power of God, or whatever).

Cool Runnings sermon

When it comes to the end of the race of life, will people be slow-clapping you as you carry your sled in triumph over the finish line? Even if we have a good fast starting procedure, and we memorise all our turns and lean into the curve at the right moments, we are still nothing unless we have our lucky egg (and by that I mean faith or trust or love or something)

Doctor Who

To some people God is a bit like Tom Baker or William Hartnell - a bit crabby and eccentric but basically a nice guy like your dad or at the very least your uncle. But when the Cybermen attack (or worse, the Weeping Angels!) we need a God who is Christopher Eccleston or David Tennant or that other young chap with the chin. Which is why we need Jesus and the trinity. (River Song can be the Holy Spirit, why not)

Other Ideas

Three men and a baby (A christmas sermon) - When it comes to the Baby Jesus, how do you respond? Are you Tom Selleck, Ted Danson or Steve Gutenberg?

Blade Runner - Jesus is basically a human replicant, just a very good one. And you can be one too. Do Christians dream of christian sheep?

Alien - When you're resting in the truth of the Gospel, no one can hear you scream... (not sure where this would go. Should probably leave it there)

Great British Bake Off - We all have soggy bottoms, but Mary Berry's perfect crust is imputed onto our fruitfilled tart, which is just like Jesus and Romans 4 I think but I'm not sure who Paul Hollywood is supposed to be.

Downton Abbey and the Trinity. Robert Grantham is God the Father, Matthew Crawley is Jesus (he died) and Carson is the Holy Spirit (He's a servant who seems to be everywhere at once)

Where's Wally -  Have you found 'Him' yet? (Jesus, Wally, Whatever) PLUS how to find the 10 other hilariously out-of-place objects in your life

Modern Spiritual Warfare - is it okay to use Spiritual drones against Spiritual Enemies if you think they have Spiritual WMD's?